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"Suki is like electricity, once you have it you can't imagine going without it."

Dr. Richard Johnson 

"The notes are so accurate, I don't even have to review them word for word.  I know they are perfect and I trust Suki to get it right."

Dr. Jeremy Statton
Orthopedic Surgeon

"I love Suki: she helps me get my notes done faster and I don't have to type."

Dr. Sharrona Williams
Orthopedics, Foot & Ankle

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Bringing Joy Back to Medicine

See how Suki can start saving you time today.

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✓ Uses the latest artificial intelligence technologies on your mobile device or laptop

✓ On average, doctors that use Suki spend 58% less time on medical notes than users of the leading dictation software

✓ No dictation errors.  100% accurate, every time.  Guaranteed.

Suki is a voice-driven, AI assistant designed to speed the note taking process