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"Suki is like electricity, once you have it you can't imagine going without it."

Dr. Richard Johnson 

"The notes are so accurate, I don't even have to review them word for word.  I know they are perfect and I trust Suki to get it right."

Dr. Jeremy Statton
Orthopedic Surgeon

"I love Suki: she helps me get my notes done faster and I don't have to type."

Dr. Sharrona Williams
Orthopedics, Foot & Ankle

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Your digital assistant is here. Meet Suki.

✓ Uses the latest artificial intelligence technologies on your mobile device or laptop

✓ On average, doctors that use Suki spend 76% less time on medical notes than users of the leading dictation software

✓ No dictation errors.  100% accurate, every time.  Guaranteed.

Suki is a voice-driven AI assistant designed to understand intent to speed the note-taking process. 

Help us make doctors' lives better.

"Suki, start a new clinic note for Leticia Ramirez. 

"Suki, in history, note that Ms. Ramirez's pain has increased.

"Suki, insert my normal review of systems.

"Suki, copy the history from Ms. Ramirez's last note.

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